Save the Rich! The Poor Saps Who Lost Millions to Citizens United's Super PACs

Posted by Dave Burdick

Do you know what you can do with $19.5 million? No? Neither do I. I have no idea. It's not really an issue for me. 

Well, I do know one thing you can do with $19.5 million. You can give it to Karl Rove's American Crossroads Super PAC, on the promise that it will get rid of the president. (That's what this guy did, according to this.) 

Sheldon Adelson spent a lot more than that and didn't get the Republican primary victory he'd hoped for, nor the general election victory, nor most of the down-ticket victories he'd spent on (but didn't speak much about). 

This didn't have to happen. 

The rich got conned by the Supreme Court and now these pillars of our economy are down multiple millions of dollars! This presumably weakens their position as job creators. I don't know if the UnSkewedPolls guy is available right now (oh, he is?), but maybe he can crunch the numbers on exactly how many jobs the jobs creators will not create because of the money they spent on the election.

Save the rich! Fix campaign spending!

Nobody wants to see these billionaires spend more money than we can fathom on television commercials for candidates—they've been taken for fools and exploited by the Citizens United and SpeechNow decisions and we won't stand for it. The election is over, but not for long! It'll only be another half hour or so before we see spending spike on television ads for midterm elections again. We've seen a lot of folks put in work on this issue:

The most immediately effective effort came in the hotly contested "marquee" Senate race in Massachusetts—where the candidates called and held a so-called Super PAC truce, saving rich people tons of money. One candidate tried this in Montana, too, but failed. (And won the election.)

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.