Sells for $13 Million

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This is what a “perfect” woman’s body was supposed to look like over the past 100 years. Sells for $13 Million Sells for $13 Million
Business Sells for $13 Million

by Morgan Clendaniel

October 23, 2010

After some exciting build-up, sold for $13 million yesterday, to a mysterious company named Clover. That seems to be $1 million more than it was sold for last time. Interestingly enough, (which is NSFW) doesn't seem to be serving any banner ads and has very little real pornographic content on it, so that price must be purely speculative about the kind of revenue you could drive with a domain name like that. Maybe Clover has more exciting plans for than its current owner.

We covered the various prices of back in 2007, in the video above and in the graphic below (which overestimates the former price of Check them both out.


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