Solving the Parking Problem Solving the Parking Problem

Solving the Parking Problem

February 16, 2010
In a rather fascinating essay at Planetizen, Ian Sacs, the director of transportation and parking for Hoboken, New Jersey, talks about his plans to reduce parking congestion and get more people out of their cars and into alternative means of transportation in one of the densest cities in the country:
The goal is to dramatically broaden the modal choices residents and visitors have when they are in Hoboken. This is because for every new choice available, the potential to woo individuals away from their cars grows stronger. Not until people feel that they can get by in just about every situation without a car will they feel comfortable giving theirs up.
Sacs discusses the causes of the parking problem and then outlines his plan-more pedestrian safety, better bike infrastructure, fewer parking spots, among them. It's a really interesting glimpse into how urban planning actually works on a day-to-day level. Read the full piece here.
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Solving the Parking Problem