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Sounds GOOD: Download "Mighty Love" by Roman Ruins Sounds GOOD: Download "Mighty Love" by Roman Ruins

Sounds GOOD: Download "Mighty Love" by Roman Ruins

by GOOD Worldwide
July 18, 2012

Sounds GOOD brings you new music by artists we love. Pay what you want to download a track, and GOOD will give the net proceeds to a worthy organization.

Graham Hill is many things: husband, father, architect, landscape designer, and drummer for bands like Beach House and The Papercuts. Hill also releases his own music under the name Roman Ruins. His awesome debut Homebuilding came out recently to high acclaim from writers and music fans around the globe. Sounds GOOD is thrilled to present the album's lead track, "Mighty Love," which shows off Hill's '60s-meets-now sound.

Stream "Mighty Love" above, then pay any amount to download it. Hill has asked GOOD to give the net proceeds to the William Cooper Mack Thesis Fellowship, which supports the creative endeavors of architecture students at the Cooper Union.

(Payments are not tax-deductible. Net proceeds are the total revenue from sales minus transaction costs.)

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