Sponsored: This Mother's Day, Honor Moms Worldwide

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Sponsored: This Mother's Day, Honor Moms Worldwide Sponsored: This Mother's Day, Honor Moms Worldwide

Sponsored: This Mother's Day, Honor Moms Worldwide

May 13, 2012

This post is in partnership with Water.org

For women, the water crisis is personal, its impact immense. Every day around the world, women collectively spend 200 million work hours gathering clean water for their families. These are hours they cannot spend earning an income. Their children struggle with illness. This Mother’s Day alone, 4,000 mothers will lose a child to a preventable water-borne illness. You can help improve the quality of life for women and their families across the globe by helping women like Ranjana gain access to clean, safe water.

Through Water.org’s Mother’s Day card program, you can honor your mom and also honor another mother across the world. Send your mom or another important woman in your life an eCard and make a donation on their behalf. For every $25 donated to Water.org, one person can have access to clean water for life. Get started on your card here, and join Water.org to empower women to help their families and communities.

Water.org is a driving force behind new solutions for the water sector. Founded by Matt Damon and Gary White, Water.org is a non-profit dedicated to solving the global water and sanitation crisis – in our lifetime. Working together with carefully-selected local partners, Water.org has delivered access to water and sanitation to nearly a million individuals around the world. Water.org works to empower local communities with solutions tailored to their unique needs.

This Mother's Day, Jodie Foster and Matt Damon challenge you to transform the life of another mom. Watch the video below that brings to life the dignity and strength of women around the world who carry the daily burden of the water crisis. Then honor your mom with an eCard this Mother’s Day; your gift will honor another woman with safe water. 

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