Starting a New Tradition: Georgia Students Hold School's First-Ever Integrated Prom

Posted by Liz Dwyer

A group of high school seniors at Wilcox County High School in rural south Georgia made history this past weekend by bucking their community's longstanding tradition of racially segregated proms—yes, one prom for white teens and one for black teens. Indeed, thanks to the inspiring students behind the Integrated Prom movement, for the first time ever, black and white students in the community dressed up and danced the night away together.

How does a community get around having a prom that's open to everyone without violating any civil rights laws? Easy. You just don't let the school sponsor it. After the courts integrated the schools in the area, proms became private, invite-only events. White parents began raising funds for an all-white senior prom, leaving black families with no choice but to follow suit and host proms for their children.

Yes, this still goes on on 2013, and not just in this town, either. And yes, some white Wilcox students still attended the all-white only prom. But as you can see from the video above, what happens when students say they've had enough and take action is truly inspiring.