Tango Electric Car Goes from 0 to 60 in Four Seconds, Fits in Your Handbag

Posted by Steven Johnson

tango electric vehicle, car, transportation
We asked the inventor-illustrator Steven M. Johnson to find examples of products and ideas that move the world forward in creative ways. This week, he reports on the Tango, a narrow, tall electric vehicle with tandem seating. Johnson believes that for the Tango to be successful it needs to be affordably priced—which could be as low as $10,000 if mass-produced, according to its inventor, Rick Woodbury. For that to happen it would need to capture the imagination of plenty of “early adopters” who understand the car’s unique and futuristic features. It is fast, economical to operate, and yet much safer than it looks. With a low-slung battery pack weighing 2,000 lbs., and an overall weight of over 3,000 lbs., as well as racing seats, a roll bar, and heavy, steel-reinforced doors, the car is claimed to be safer to drive than most cars. The vehicle may give a taste of the look of future small commuter vehicles.