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Testing School Design Before Anything Is Built Testing School Design Before Anything Is Built

Testing School Design Before Anything Is Built

by Siobhan O'Connor
December 16, 2009

Well this is pretty cool: A project in Birmingham is letting students and teachers test out school designs and then weigh in on the virtual renderings before the schools are built (or, in some cases, renovated).

The article about it talks about how this interactivity will appeal to the "gaming generation," but the interesting part is not that kids get to pretend their school renderings are a videogame (the renderings, while cool, are about as visually sophisticated as the first Mario Bros.). The key thing here is that they get to weigh in at all.

Students will be able to walk through the schools as different avatars (there's even a disabled avatar), and comment on furniture placement, wall colors, and so on. You can see their Flickr pics here.

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