The Art of 100 Second-Hand Hammers The Art of 100 Second-Hand Hammers

The Art of 100 Second-Hand Hammers

by Andrew Price

July 22, 2010

The artist David McLaughlin spent his career scavenging tons of discarded iron and steel; collecting it at his old cannery in Liberty, Maine; and turning it into large-scale sculpture.

When McLaughlin died this Spring, the folks at the social design collective Project M, (who we covered in the GOOD 100 issue) set up a new project in his honor called 100 Hammers. They collected 100 second-hand hammers and are sending them out to anyone who requests one. The only stipulation? You have to use it for a creative project, share the results online, and return the hammer into circulation in a month.

In the end, the 100 Hammers website will display a collection of art made with these shared tools, a tribute to McLaughlin's commitment to creativity and reuse.

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The Art of 100 Second-Hand Hammers