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The Five Most Clever Redesigns of the Stars and Stripes The Five Most Clever Redesigns of the Stars and Stripes

The Five Most Clever Redesigns of the Stars and Stripes

by Yasha Wallin

June 19, 2013

Happy Flag Day! June 14 marks the day the flag was adopted in the United States, in 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress. Today, most of us know of the American flag to consist of thirteen horizontal stripes: seven red alternating with six white. That said, over time many people have reinterpreted its design: changing the color, it's orientation, its number of stars, and so on.

The most beautiful examples of reworked flags are by a handful of American artists, who over the past few decades, have used it as their muse. Following is a roundup of the five best examples of the American flag in contemporary art to celebrate Flag Day. Whose version is missing? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

David Hammons, African-American Flag via Wikimedia Commons


Jasper Johns, Three Flags via Wikimedia Commons


Faile, Star Spangled Shadows courtesy of the artists


Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Questions)


Shi-Zhe Yung, Corporate American Flag (for Adbusters) via Wikimedia Commons

Said Yung of the image:

“I wanted to do something to the American flag that reflected the change in the spirit of America. The flag is one of the most recognizable symbols all over the world. I chose some other well-recognized emblems to replace the original stars and reflect the new power of America.”


Andy Warhol via

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