The GOOD 100: Bikes The GOOD 100: Bikes

The GOOD 100: Bikes

October 24, 2009

We Want to Ride Our Bicycles…

Bikes have been around for about a century and a half, and they're still awesome.

Because we dig the calluses on the palms of our hands. Because we actually kind of like when our legs feel like Jell-O. Because we crave the brisk wind on our cheeks. Because we recall with fondness fastening Topps cards to chain stays. Because today we actually prefer the non-motor bike anyway. Because it's the paragon of efficiency for personal transit and a perfect machine and a work of art.

There are more than 2 billion bikes in the world. Pick one up and ride it.

See more images and purchase bicycles from Spernicelli Biciclette at






Prints of the bicycle poster by Eleanor Grosch are available at

Photographs by Spernicelli Biciclette.






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