The Yes Men Prove That the Chamber of Commerce Is Not As Good and Reasonable As We Thought a Few Hours Ago

Posted by Morgan Clendaniel

US_Chamber_of_Commerce_logoThat heartening piece of news I posted earlier about the Chamber of Commerce dramatically reversing its stance on climate legislation seemed a little too good be true. It isn't true. I can confirm the Chamber of Commerce's and the Wall Street Journal's speculations: The Yes Men staged the press conference, in their ever-brilliant attempts to show that people think it's insane when corporations do the right thing.From the WSJ:"The business lobby says it was the victim of an elaborate hoax this morning, when a group passing itself off as the Chamber announced at a press conference in Washington that it dropped its earlier opposition to the pending climate bill and was now "throwing its weight behind strong climate legislation."We'll try to bring you more from the Yes Men about this hoax shortly. In the meantime, congratulations and job well done again.