The Zero-carbon Underground Eco Home The Zero-carbon Underground Eco Home

The Zero-carbon Underground Eco Home

by Siobhan O'Connor

February 16, 2010
This new, flower-shaped 8,000 square foot house, which is being built for soccer star Gary Neville by Make Architects, is promising to be zero-carbon. Here's how they say they're going to fulfill that promise: It's underground, which will keep it cool in summer, a ground-source heat pump will provide heat, and energy comes from solar panels and an on-site wind turbine. Lots of skylights obviate the need for electricity during the day, and building materials will be local and sustainable. Also awesome is that "whenever possible," they will use traditional building methods.Since I can't find much writing about it, pictures will have to do for now. They are pretty amazing.
Via Inhabitat
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The Zero-carbon Underground Eco Home