This French Artist Found a Canvas Floating Above the Urban Skyline

Posted by Yasha Wallin

Many artists draw inspiration from their everyday encounters. But French artist Thomas Lamadieu is inspired by what he doesn't see—specifically the empty spaces of sky that form between city buildings. "My artistic approach is intended to show a different perception of urban architecture and the environment that surrounds us daily…To be able to invent a limitless imagination…" he explains in French on his website.

In his series SkyArt, Lamadieu plays with the geometric shapes that appear when one peers upward in a city. He transforms this otherwise negative space into a canvas for clever line drawings of curious cats, voluptuous ladies, elderly men, a rooster playing the banjo. In this way, he populates various neighborhoods with his own idea of who its inhabitants should be. And the rest of us get the privilege of meeting these quirky neighbors, even if only in imagination.

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Images via Thomas Lamadieu