This is Noémie

Posted by GOOD and Trujillo-Paumier

This is Noemie and those are her things.NAME    Noémie LafranceAGE    34LOCATION    Brooklyn, New YorkOCCUPATION    Artistic director and founder of SensWHAT SHE MAKES Site-specific performancesWHAT SHE'S MADE Choreography of the video of Feist's "1234" and "Agora," an interactive performance piece in Brooklyn's empty McCarren Park PoolWHAT SHE'S MAKING A solo show next year to be performed in a secret location and a collaborative program celebrating Frank Gehry buildings around the world

And Those Are Her Things

1. Construction tools: "I have one favorite tool: It's a circuit tester. You can touch any live wire and see that it's alive. It's really demanding to do construction, but it helps me relax."2. Gaffer's tape: "Gaffer's tape is a very important part of life-for everything."3. Little plastic animals: Used in preparation for her secret December show.4. Compost bowl: "I grew up composting near a maple-syrup farm. When this is full, it goes into a bucket outside."5. Iron circles: "I use these for hot things, as coasters sometimes."6. "Melt program": "It's made of beeswax. The performers in the piece sit covered in beeswax and lanolin under a hot light for half an hour."