This Wristband Monitors Your Automatic Nervous System to Help You Stay in a Good Mood

Posted by Meghan Neal

Wearable tech and wellness apps are both blowing up the spot these days, and this new device combines the two to create something pretty unique.  
The W/Me wristband, developed by a startup called Phyode, can monitor your body's autonomic nervous system, which acts "as a subconscious control system for your body," the company writes on its Kickstarter page
Using a medical-grade sensor and the app's algorithm, the band provides real-time stats on your heart rate, breathing and mental health, and sends the information back to your smartphone with recommendations to improve your health, through breathing exercises. It's like a mood ring that comes with a wellness coach.

This device stands out for focusing on mental health and mood, rather than nutrition and exercise. Having that kind of instant data about your inner self may seem eerily futuristic, but there's clearly huge potential here for the app to encourage preventative health measures.
Others clearly agree: The W/Me is already fully funded on Kickstarter, with 21 days of the campaign still left to go. Check out the video for more details.