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Top Submissions from Project: Share a Photo of Something You Can’t Travel Without Top Submissions from Project: Share a Photo of Something You Can’t Travel Without
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Top Submissions from Project: Share a Photo of Something You Can’t Travel Without

by GOOD Partner

December 8, 2012

This project is brought to you by Marriott Hotels & Resorts®

In October, GOOD teamed up with the hospitality experts Marriott Hotels & Resorts to learn about the one item you can’t travel without. The GOOD community showed their true colors by submitting some traditional items and some less common ones. Check out the post below to see 10 items community members refuse to leave home without.

We received a lot of submissions and picked out our top 10 favorites below:

Loralee Cooley

These dogs go with us every chance they get, whenever we can take them. They’'ll be included on a cross-country road trip in January, 2013, when we drive from Oklahoma to Georgia to Virginia to Florida

Kate Shapiro

I like to pick up fresh flowers at a local flower shop to have in my hotel room when I'm away. Makes me feel like I'm home

Brendan O’Connor

With all of the layovers, standing around, and general thumb twiddling of modern day travel, I wouldn't go anywhere without my hammock. It's easy to store, easy to put up, and easy to take down.

Jeri Gravlin

I can't travel anywhere without a pillow and my journal. When you are going someplace new you never know what to expect, and I can sleep anywhere as long as I have a pillow. Pillows also make traveling a lot more comfortable. I always bring my journal as well, so I can document all the wonderful things I am experiencing and so I never forget the magical moments.

Derek Koperczak

His name is Bunny. He is my son's Simon favorite toy. I always take him with me for longer journeys, collect pictures and build amazing story of his adventures.

Jason Sudik

I just started yoga a couple months ago and I love it. It's such a stress reliever for me especially after a long week of work. I bring it with me when I travel in case I can get in a quick yoga session wherever I'm at.

George Yam

I always wear these rings that were given to me from my grandfather even when I travel. They're my good luck charms.

Vivian Wong

I always travel with my favorite boots. They're snow proof, water proof, and so fashionable!

Carmen Woody

My grand daughter has to have her passy no matter where we go traveling with it is a must

Varun Vijaykar

My item is a woven basket shaped like a pig. I wear it as a backpack. I don't know whether people feel more inclined to steal it or if I have a better shot of spotting it in a pile of bags."

Photo via (cc) Flickr user skewgee

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