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Travel to Hawaii Like You Give a Damn: What's Your Idea? Travel to Hawaii Like You Give a Damn: What's Your Idea?

Travel to Hawaii Like You Give a Damn: What's Your Idea?

by travel2change

June 4, 2013

While Hawaii evokes tropical breezes sifting through palm trees and oceans with picturesque sunsets, the island is not a paradise for all. Aside from all the beauty Hawaii has to offer, it also faces numerous problems: The already large homeless population is increasing, many parks and beaches are littered, and the fragile natural environment is slowly being eroded. Mass tourism is only helping to perpetuate this cycle. Clearly not all travel benefits local communities. A gap exists between the Hawaiian community and the visitor industry.

Hawaii needs people who care about preserving its beauty and travelers who don’t just travel, but travel to change—their lives, the lives of local communities, and our world.

So let us know your ideas of ways that could benefit the communities you visit before June 7th. Then our community and a jury of experts will vote on the favorite trips. Let’s travel2change!

Travel2change is travelers and locals coming together to create change. We create trip ideas and travel in a way that benefits the communities we visit. Our travel2change community created more than 100 trip ideas and put their ideas into action in Kenya, Sri Lanka, Peru and Brazil.

This piece is part of the series "Travel Like You Give a Damn," where we share stories of inspiring individuals who are traveling around the world with purpose. 

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