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Turning Disposable Nespresso Capsules into Batteries Turning Disposable Nespresso Capsules into Batteries

Turning Disposable Nespresso Capsules into Batteries

by Patrick James

November 12, 2010

Human convenience and environmental conservation often find themselves at odds with each other. Consider the volume of garbage in our landfills, and the ease with which we tear through products whose names follow the word "disposable." That's what makes Mischer'Traxler's contribution to Vienna Design Week 2010, which they installed in the window of Nespresso Austria, so interesting.

The "Nespresso Battery" places disposed espresso capsules, coffee grounds, salt water, and copper strips in little pots, and turns them into batteries. Each collection of six pots powers a small clock. The entire installation runs a small stereo.

Dezeen (where you can find more photos like these) reports that it was one of three winning entries in the Vienna Design Week's Sustain.Ability.Design competition. 

Via Unconsumption
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