Turning Packaging From Trash to Toys

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Turning Packaging From Trash to Toys Turning Packaging From Trash to Toys

Turning Packaging From Trash to Toys

by Adele Peters

December 17, 2012

How can food packaging have a useful life after you've eaten whatever's inside? One solution, from a Greek design company, is to create a box that can easily be converted into a toy that kids want to keep. 

Matadog Design needed to create a new brand for a snack company that sells small boxes of raisins. Initially, their assignment was to add a toy inside the package. They realized that if the box itself could become the toy, then they'd be able to eliminate waste.

As the designers studied paper toys, they discovered that most are somewhat complicated to construct—they usually require scissors and glue or tape, and a lot of time. After building countless models, they created a series of designs that are truly kid-friendly: they don't require any tools, and they're simple enough that kids can put them together by themselves.

The boxes come in 10 different designs, so kids will want to keep buying the snacks—and so they have a reason to keep more packaging out of the trash.

Photos courtesy of Matadog Design
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