Two Angry Teachers Protest California's Standardized Testing with Another Music Video

Posted by Liz Dwyer

It's standardized testing time in California, which means the anonymous pink-slipped duo Two Angry Teachers and a Microphone are back with another track, "More Than A Test Score." In the almost four-minute song, the Los Angeles-based rapping educators break down how test prep has hijacked teaching, and criticize the push to determine school and teacher effectiveness from one high stakes test score.

Like the duo's previous videos protesting teacher layoffs and the gutting of arts programs, the clip is full of fun pop culture references—you'll spot the Simpsons, Peter Parker, and the Karate Kid—but the teachers also remind us why they call themselves "angry." Here's one line: "You want reform? Then step into a class. But until you try teaching, you can kiss my ass."

Interestingly, what sets this apart from their previous videos is that there's no “call to action” in it. I've become used to Two Angry Teachers asking the viewing public to call school board members or politicians to protest—and even providing the phone numbers to do so in the clip. I liked that element of activism.