unPAC Design Challenge: Join Shepard Fairey and Lawrence Lessig To Take Back Congress


Throughout history, art has inspired action. Now unPAC, a coalition of organizations that believes our political process has become hijacked by the super-rich, super-PACS, and other special interest forces, is asking the public to create an iconic image that will inspire people to tell Congress that our campaign finance system is undemocratic and corrupt and must be fixed.

unPAC believes that an iconic image can move citizens to speak up to Congress about our broken campaign finance system, and that if we speak up, we will be more powerful than the corporations and few wealthy individuals who are pouring millions of dollars to fund the campaigns of our political representatives.

Can you design an image that will mobilize the public to take action against all the money poisoning our political process? Submit your design to the art > Money Challenge and you could win the $3,000 Jury Prize. Submissions will be judged by an all-star cast of passionate activists: Shepard Fairey, Jesse Dylan, Lawrence Lessig, and Annie Leonard. Additional prizes include one $1,000 and two $500 awards for the top-voted submissions.

Your image could change history by inspiring people to fix our political system.

Submissions for the art > MONEY Challenge will be accepted from September 21 to October 11 (noon PT). Voting will be open from October 12 (noon PT) to October 22 (noon PT).