Video: Errol Morris Celebrates IBM's 100th Anniversary

Posted by Morgan Clendaniel

IBM is celebrating it's 100th birthday this year. We do some work with IBM, but regardless of that fact, having a company in business for 100 years is incredibly impressive. Having a company in business for 100 years at the level that IBM operates is doubly impressive.

In honor of their achievements, IBM has commissioned two videos. "100 x 100" features people discussing IBM's achievements throughout the last century. The trick is, each person featured was born in the year of that achievement. Call me a huge nerd, but it gives me goosebumps at points. I particularly like 1931. "It was a big year for punches." Watch it here:

"They Were There", by Errol Morris, is a more straightforward documentary, interviewing IBM workers about advances that happened under their watch: