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Video: How We Can Nourish America’s Food Deserts Video: How We Can Nourish America’s Food Deserts

Video: How We Can Nourish America’s Food Deserts

by A GOOD Sponsor

September 21, 2013

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Across the country, 23 million Americans live in communities classified as food deserts. Though these communities have their own unique culture and identity, they share a common thread that runs through all food deserts: limited access to fresh, healthy foods and supermarkets. Typically these areas are lower income and many residents find that buying inexpensive, highly processed foods is a lot more affordable than fresh produce. Not only are fruits and vegetables hard to find in local corner bodegas, they tend to be lower quality and priced much higher than in a typical large supermarket. Small-scale farmers that believe in stewarding the land are working to bring new, affordable options to these communities through farmers’ markets. Watch the video to learn more about how fresh food and farmers’ markets can make a difference in low access communities.

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