VIDEO: Think Your Work Commute is Long? This Courier Bikes 80+ Miles A Day

Posted by Rodrigo Mejia

Steve Hamilton, a 49-year-old London bicycle courier, clocks almost 22,000 miles a year while weaving between traffic in central London. The self-employed Hamilton won the "National Courier Award" in 2012 from the U.K.-based Institute of Couriers.

"I've yet to see this guy without a smile on his face and he is always singing whilst he works, even in the rain!," said GLH dispatch manager Steve Purkis, who nominated Hamilton for the award. GLH is a private hire transport company in the UK. 

Hamilton, who goes by the call sign "Zulu 24," must contend with being ineligible for most health insurance polices and living by delivery to delivery. Still, it's hard to shake the joy he receives from his work.

"I just love what I'm doing so far. It's absolute fun," said Hamilton while being filmed by BBC video journalist, Dan Curtis. "Is this fun going to run out? I don't know."

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