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Vote for a Design to Unite the 99 Percent Vote for a Design to Unite the 99 Percent

Vote for a Design to Unite the 99 Percent

December 2, 2011

GOOD joined forces with Occupy Design, a grassroots project that creates open-source visual tools to unite the 99 percent, to ask you to design an icon or infographic that captures the spirit of the Occupy movement. We received more than 30 entries, and now we’re inviting you to select your favorite.

Between now and December 9, vote for your favorite entry. Occupy Design will print and distribute the winning submission and send the winner swag with their design printed on it. Consider your vote a small show of support for the art of protest and the designers who are contributing to it.

Visit GOOD Maker to learn more about our other calls to action, like the Sharing is the New Owning challenge,  our FWD Challenge raising awareness of the famine in the Horn of Africa, and the $5,000 grant opportunity for any U.S. nonprofit.

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