Vote to Make Your Favorite Biking Idea a Reality

Posted by Alissa Walker


Last week, we asked for your help getting more people on bikes by voting for your favorite urban cycling idea over at the social change game Yoxi. You gave your input by rating eight videos, giving valuable feedback to the four creative teams. Thanks to your insight, those four teams have revised, refocused and restrategized their concepts, producing four new videos outlining their best possible ideas for getting more riders on urban streets.

Now it's up to you to vote for your favorite concept and help make it a reality. The winning team gets $5000 to put towards a charity or nonprofit of their choosing, so here's a chance where you can really take a few minutes and make a difference—and we do mean a few minutes, each video is only 30 seconds long! Which idea do you think should win?

Bike Tab by Urban Futurists:

The Campaign for Better Biking by !ola:

Zip It! by Team One:

Bike Pool by Schoolhouse Hello:

Don't just watch the videos, be sure to head over to Yoxi and rate them—the best idea gets a shot at becoming a reality. And don't forget to tell your friends which one you like the best! Voting ends at 11:59pm on Thursday July 22. Follow Yoxi at Yoxi_mothership on Twitter to be the first to find out which team wins.