We Pity the Fools We Pity the Fools

We Pity the Fools

by Patrick James

April 2, 2009
Hey folks. This is just a friendly reminder not to believe anything you read today, on the internet or otherwise. As with any April Fools' Day, there's an abundance of mischief afoot. Especially from Google-which seems to have arrived at the singularity in the form of Cadie, an adorable panda with what looks like a Mypsace page. Sigh. Never trust Google on the first of April.Anyway, all this in mind, we're a bit curious: What's the best April Fools' Day prank you've ever pulled (or fallen for, or even heard of). Let us know in the comments. The person to deliver best one will be showered with wooden nickles and sent to an iceberg on the equator and maybe even given a home equity line of credit circa 2005.
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We Pity the Fools