What Do You Love: The Artist What Do You Love: The Artist

What Do You Love: The Artist

by Alex Gorosh

December 28, 2011

What moves the people who are moving the world forward? This week in GOOD's video series, What Do You Love, artist Sean D'Anconia gives us a tour of the little things that inspire him, from sushi to Ayn Rand. Here are 10 of them:

1   manga artist Leji Matsumoto
2   novelist James Clavell
3   The Fountainhead
4   Mako Sushi taisho Mako-san
5   artist Yokoo Tadanori
6   comic artist Steve Ditko
7   manga artist Osamu Tezuka
8   Jean-Luc Godard
9   actor Alain Delon
10   Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Find out what a singer, comedian, writer, and pilot love.

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What Do You Love: The Artist