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What Education Looks Like: Photos From the Classrooms Around the World What Education Looks Like: Photos From the Classrooms Around the World

What Education Looks Like: Photos From the Classrooms Around the World

by Yasha Wallin

July 25, 2013

Once out of school many of us do everything in our power to stay away from classrooms for a while. That was not the case with U.K.-born photographer Julian Germain, who has actually made it part of his life's work to spend as much time as possible in schools, documenting them for the series "Classroom Portraits." Germain started the project in 2004 in North East England, and since then he's been everywhere from the Middle East, to Africa, to North and South America capturing the spirit, students, and visual culture of school rooms around the world.

Taken with a long exposure—which requires students to sit still for about 15 minutes—these portraits serve as both an anthropological study, and a touching tale of trust: the kids let Germain, a complete stranger, into their lives to document them. What's revealed are a myriad of expressions—boredom, apathy, cockiness, shyness, inquisitiveness.

How does the classroom you studied in differ?

Omar Bin Al-Khattab Educational Complex, Boys’ Science Secondary School, Doha, Qatar, 2007

Escola Estadual Nossa Senhora do Belo Ramo, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, 2005

Deneside Infants’ School, Seaham, County Durham, U.K., 2004

Saar Secondary Girl’s School, Saar, Bahrain, 2007

Gambela Elementary School, Gambela, Weliso District, Ethiopia, 2009

Surovi School, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2009

Kuramo Junior College, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, 2009

Al Tadhamon Boys’ School, Malah, Rada, Yemen, 2007

Kuramo Junior College Nigeria, 2009 Nigeria

Matsubara Senior High School, Osaka, Japan, 2009

USA, St Louis, Grade 8, Basic Skills, 2004

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Images courtesy of Julian Germain and In Camera
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