What Happens When Teachers Discover They're Really Designers?

Posted by Liz Dwyer

What kind of changes can happen in schools when teachers realize they're designers? Last summer Design Thinking for Educators, a collaboration between IDEO, Edutopia, and New York's Riverdale Country Day School, offered a free toolkit and online class to teach educators the design thinking skills they need to transform their classrooms and schools.

Now the toolkit which contains a "design thinking process overview, methods and instructions that help you put design thinking into action, and the Designer's Workbook to support your design challenges," has been revised to reflect feedback from the first generation of users. But at a time when teachers already have enough on their plates, why should they want to use it?

In the video above, a 15-year veteran teacher explains how educators are already designing all the time, they just don't know it. By honing those design thinking skills, educators can become even more effective at creating solutions for classroom space, the curriculum, and students. And if teachers start to think of themselves as designers, solving seemingly insurmountable challenges on campus suddenly seems possible.

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