'Where Are Walmart Workers Wednesday' Could Precede Black Friday

Posted by Dave Burdick

For some time now, Walmart workers have been protesting labor conditions that they say are unfair, as well as against what they say is retaliation by their employer for organizing

Now, they've threatened a strike for this week—specifically targeting the biggest retail day of the year. Walmart has taken legal action to try to shut down the demonstrations.

William B. Gould IV, a Stanford University law professor and chairman of the labor board under President Bill Clinton, said the protests were more about employment conditions and retaliation against employees than a unionization drive.

“I don’t see this translating into a great deal of success in terms of unionizing Wal-Mart or in terms of being particularly effective in improving conditions,” Mr. Gould said. “But I must say if they’ve gone to the N.L.R.B. on this, that must show that Wal-Mart is really concerned.”

In their own voices, here are some of those protesting: 

Soon, the Food Chain Workers Alliance will post on the subject of OUR Walmart, too, as part of International Food Workers Week. So follow them as well.