Who's the Happiest Person You Know?

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Who's the Happiest Person You Know? Who's the Happiest Person You Know?

Who's the Happiest Person You Know?

by Nicholas Kraft

July 28, 2013

Borges began the Wunderglo Foundation, which is set to raise a quarter-billion dollars to help find a cure for colon cancer. In addition, she runs a successful blog under the same name, documenting her treatment and recovery process. Borges’ writing has connected her with hundreds of people across the world who are in similar situations. Through her experiences and choices, Borges has helped countless people battling similar illnesses find joy, discover new treatments, and choose to not let a life-threatening illness dictate their lives. “Getting my diagnosis, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from living my life and being happy,” she told us. “And in response I think I’ve lived a fuller life than I did before. I’m taking risks, I don’t get caught up in stupid bullshit anymore, I just have a good time - that’s the way to live.”

When reflecting on the 70 plus subjects we have documented so far, we’re seeing time after time that the happiest people we meet are those who have made choices to be happy, even in the face of seemingly negative circumstances. From an outside perspective, some of these people should not be happy—they struggle to make ends meet, they’ve lost children, they have demanding jobs, they’re struggling against a life-threatening illness—yet they are genuinely happy. They’ve chosen that for themselves.

We have filmed over 100 hours with people living on the West Coast, and our next step is to travel the rest of the country. We have cut together numerous short spots introducing some of our “happy people” and their ideas about the subject. These videos are viewable on our website. We recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to complete the next step of this journey.  Additionally our Kickstarter video requests that backers connect us with “the happiest person you know.” Happiness could be the ultimate commodity. Why then, do we not celebrate the happiest amongst us? We spend a lot of time praising the wealthiest and most famous, but why not the happiest? Aren’t they the ones we should be looking up to?

Tell us about the happiest person you know. Click DO it here to become a part of our film.

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