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Why Don't We Name Hurricanes After Climate Deniers? Why Don't We Name Hurricanes After Climate Deniers?

Why Don't We Name Hurricanes After Climate Deniers?

August 28, 2013

Extreme weather, supercharged by climate change, has been pounding the U.S. In 2012, there were 11 climate disasters that cost more than $1 billion each, according to NOAA. And as I write this, Yosemite—where modern environmentalism was arguably born—is on fire.

Yet despite overwhelming evidence of man-made climate change, some members of Congress just haven't gotten the message. Leading GOP presidential contenders like Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Marco Rubio are climate deniers, and their irresponsibility can't be forgiven—or forgotten.

Because of their craziness—there’s no other way to explain it—on this issue, we want to have some fun at their expense. We've created an actual petition to the World Meteorological Organization asking them to change the names of hurricanes from randomly selected names to those on Congressional deniers. 

And to drive the point home, we created this video. Please watch it and pass it on. Climate is no laughing matter, and sometimes humor can be just as powerful as anger. 

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