Winners: Revive Your Leftovers Winners: Revive Your Leftovers

Winners: Revive Your Leftovers

by Elizabeth Inglese

August 1, 2011

You read correctly. The Revive Your Leftovers project has two winners! We received fantastic submissions, some so delicious we wanted to make them from scratch and a couple that, well, made us appreciate your creativity. The two winning recipes are versatile and easy to use with whatever ingredients you have on hand. Toss them all on store-bought or homemade dough as Debbie Sharratt does and you have a a tasty recycled pizza. Or add fresh vegetables and herbs to last night's leftovers like Mariela Alvarez and you'll give your dish fresh new flavor. We hope these recipes will help you make use of all the food in your kitchen. 


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Winners: Revive Your Leftovers