GOOD Sheet: CO2 World

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GOOD Sheet: CO2 World GOOD Sheet: CO2 World
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GOOD Sheet: CO2 World

by Iconologic

September 13, 2008
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Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most prevalent greenhouse gas. It is emitted when fossil fuels-such as gasoline, oil, and coal-are burned, and it traps heat in the atmosphere. We produce more CO2 than the environment can process, raising the temperature of the planet. It's getting hot in here.

View GOOD Sheet: CO2 WorldClearly the carbon situation is a challenge. We recommend opting for public transportation more often, shifting to renewable energy sources, and recycling. Are there any important ways to tackle this problem at the individual and household level that we missed?CO2 World was created by GOOD and Iconologic.Visit Starbucks V2V to take action.

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