Infographic: Employers and the Skills Gap

Posted by GOOD Partner and D L

This content was produced by GOOD with the support of Apollo Group

To stay competitive and innovative, businesses need a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the rapidly changing marketplace. Yet studies show that 34 percent of employers globally cite significant difficulty filling open positions. Though there are many candidates seeking work, employers report a skills gap – a difference between the skills needed and the skills candidates possess. See how the struggle to find qualified candidates affects the way employers are hiring in the U.S. and beyond.

GOOD, in partnership with Apollo Group, has created a program to address the skills gap head on. Coding for GOOD is an effort to bridge the skills gap through real world application. The program will provide an opportunity to learn coding through free courses, culminating with one individual gaining a job at GOOD. Go here to read more about the program and start learning to code.