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Infographic: Reimagining Downtown L.A.'s Historic Seventh Street Infographic: Reimagining Downtown L.A.'s Historic Seventh Street
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Infographic: Reimagining Downtown L.A.'s Historic Seventh Street

by GOOD/Corps , Bijan Berahimi

January 16, 2013
Launch Infographic

A collaboration between GOOD/Corps and Bijan Berahmi, in partnership with L.A. DCP

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning (LA DCP), the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LA DOT) and GOOD/Corps, an affiliate of GOOD, have teamed up to present the third infographic in the LA/2B series: Reimagining Downtown L.A.'s Historic Seventh Street. (Check out the first two here and here.)

Far from set in stone (or pavement), streets are flexible, adaptable, and dynamic creations–the end result of a collaborative push-and-pull between city planners, traffic engineers, businesses, and residents. Downtown Los Angeles is the city's oldest neighborhood, but a revival over the past decade and a half has suddenly turned it into one of L.A.'s most livable areas as well. With walkable blocks, plenty of public transit, and new businesses opening everywhere you look, more and more people are getting around downtown by foot and bike. What would it look like if 7th and Spring–an iconic downtown intersection–was reshaped to embody the neighborhood's increasing vitality?

Take a look at how downtown L.A. could be reimagined. And if you have any ideas for how to transform Los Angeles transportation, join the conversation here and become part of LA/2B.

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