Interactive Infographic: 11 Controversial Health Innovations (That We're Still Talking About)

Posted by Jessica Rivera

From pasteurization to deet, the world has seen many health innovations that have inarguably saved lives, reduced illness, and prevented severe outbreaks. Yet whether due to unforeseen consequences, changing moral or cultural attitudes, or environmental concerns, many of these innovations have become sources of controversy and debate today.

Back in September, we launched the GOOD Pioneers of Health Challenge in search of the most creative and innovative leaders in health work across the African continent. The response we got was amazing—and diverse. Health innovation continues to highlight radical people with radical solutions to major global issues. 

This is a short list of some of the issues we've found ourselves talking about with friends, family, and colleagues. We know there are dozens more that we could include. So tell us: What health innovations are you talking about?