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Infographic: Making Sense of the Farm Bill Infographic: Making Sense of the Farm Bill
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Infographic: Making Sense of the Farm Bill

by Best of GOOD, Rosten Woo, Tiger Club Design , Dan Imhoff

June 8, 2012

The Farm Bill is the most important piece of legislation you've (probably) never heard of. Passed every five years or so, each time under a different official name, this omnibus bill sets the rules for America's food system. It determines what farmers grow, how our government helps the hungry, and how agriculture affects the environment. The current Farm Bill is set to expire in September and lawmakers are debating what the next one should look like now. We collaborated with Dan Imhoff, the author of Food Fight 2012, and the designer Rosten Woo, to explore how this bill came into being, how it has shaped American agriculture, and how we can make it better. Dig in.

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