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Making Sense of the Financial Mess Making Sense of the Financial Mess
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Making Sense of the Financial Mess

December 15, 2008
We tried to make sense of the financial mess we're in. As you can see, we couldn't come up with anything satisfying, so we want your help. We're offering $500 to the best global finance infographic we receive, as judged by a prominent economist.UPDATE  (3/18/09): Kai Ryssdal has picked the winner. Congratulations to Jonathan Jarvis (first place) and Karen Ong (honorable mention). You can read more about Ryssdal's picks here.UPDATE (3/11/09):  We couldn't imagine a better judge for this project than Kai Ryssdal, the host of Marketplace, and that's who we got. We'll have Ryssdal's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place picks (plus comments) next Wednesday, March 18.UPDATE (3/2/09): We're blown away by the quality of these submissions. We've stopped accepting new ones at this point and judging is underway. We'll be highlighting some of our favorite entries in the GOOD blog over the next week and we'll be back here with an update on judging next Wednesday, March 11.


From Jonathan Jarvis:Part 1 View full size infographic. Part 2 View full size infographic.From Shannon McHarg: View full size infographic. From Carolyn Aler and Sam Conway: View full size infographic.From Cypher 13: View full size infographic From Emilia Klimiuk: View full size infographic From Feliciano Rahardjo: View full size infographic From Karen Ong: View full size infographic From Liam Johnstone: View full size infographic  From Pei San Ng: View full size infographic 
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