Rethinking Cities: Health and Government

Posted by GOOD and Oliver Munday

Intermountain Healthcare: Salt Lake City, Utah

Intermountain, the lowest cost-per-capita health- care provider in the United States, operates 20 hospitals in Utah. Its secret: sifting through data to develop protocols for important decisions so as to reduce time, cost, and waste. The protocols help doctors, for example, correctly administer the right antibiotic or cost-effectively manage the glucose levels of patients in the ICU.

E-Government: Albuquerque, New Mexico

The various agencies within the Albuquerque city government used to operate in parallel, making communication between the departments a challenge. Getting information to the 515,000 citizens of Albuquerque was diffi cult as well. So the city created (with an assist from IBM) an internal network that makes data collected by one agency available to all the other agencies, drastically increasing government-wide communication. There is also a version available to Albuquerque residents that allows easy access to essential services, from requesting garbage pickup to locating useful government data, like tax revenues.

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