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Protecting Our Peaks

If coal is the enemy of the human race, as the environmental blogger David Roberts has said, then mountaintop-removal mining is its doomsday device. This technique for getting at coal involves stripping entire mountains of vegetation and literally blasting their tops off. It produces tons of toxic sludge, disrupts biodiversity, and contaminates the water and air-all to supply us with one of the world's dirtiest forms of energy. The website is providing people with the resources to fight mountaintop-removal mining in Appalachia. A collaboration among seven advocacy organizations from five Appalachian states (Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia), the site uses satellite photos and video to document the damage being done, shows how the energy we use is connected to mountaintop removal, and connects people with their lawmakers to lobby for change.Read More From the GOOD 100 Issue