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Migration by Numbers

The Most Diverse Cities in the World
September 2, 2014
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The GOOD Cities Project

We create the cities we love, and the cities we love create us.

Launch Infographic

As an urban center continues to grow and expand, so does its base of foreign-born residents. The rich and ever-evolving tapestry of multinational identities brings great benefit to the cultural, social, and economic fabric of a city. The dance of diverse populations brings new perspective and vibrancy to the makeup of an urban center; it gives the city character and depth. From Tokyo's modest 1.7% of foreign-born residents, to Dubai's whopping 87%, in this infographic we take a look at the dynamic landscape of city demographics around the world. 


The GOOD Cities Project is a five-month collaboration with Ford, exploring how we make our cities and how our cities make us. As part of the project, GOOD and Ford have commissioned artists across the country to express their love for their cities through visual love letters. It was integral to GOOD and Ford that the project illuminates the vast and richly different points of views that are housed within a city. Each week, we will be exploring the attributes we believe fundamental to living meaningful and successful urban lives.

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