The Street of the Future Is a Livable Street The Street of the Future Is a Livable Street
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The Street of the Future Is a Livable Street

by Aaron Naparstek

April 9, 2009

It's easy to forget that our streets are alterable. They weren't set down by God on the eighth day; they were designed by human beings. Unfortunately, throughout the 20th century, most of the human beings designing our streets were traffic engineers. For the most part, they viewed the city from behind a windshield and saw the street as a problem to be solved for automobiles. The result is the American city that most of us know today: sprawling, traffic-choked, hostile to pedestrians and cyclists, dependent on a vast, never-ending flow of cheap oil, and deeply unsustainable.Streets can and must be more than just a place for the movement and storage of private motor vehicles. The urban street of the 21st century will be a "complete street," accommodating pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders alike. At the Livable Streets Initiative we are helping citizens re-envision streets as great public spaces. Take, for example, the busy intersection of Amsterdam Avenue and West 76th Street in Manhattan.Click here to launch the interactive graphic.Check our livable street Project here.


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The Street of the Future Is a Livable Street