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Transparency: The Achievement Gap in American Education Transparency: The Achievement Gap in American Education

Transparency: The Achievement Gap in American Education

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February 20, 2010
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As states compete for $4 billion in federal Race to the Top dollars—dollars which will be awarded not only for clever reforms in the future but also past progress—the achievement gap between how white students perform in the classroom versus students of color has never been more start. One of the goals for school systems is narrowing those gaps so that education can truly be the great equalizer.

The Education Trust's latest study—"Gauging the Gaps: A Deeper Look at Student Achievement"—uses results from the National Assessment of Education Progress exam to show the states where minority students are coming closest to white students, and the states where they are falling to farthest behind.

CORRECTION: The original version of this piece used incorrect abbreviations to indicate the states of Mississippi and Missouri. They we were formely labeled as MS and MI, and have now been corrected to MS and MO, respectively. We regret the error.

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