Transparency: The Tree of Sports Mascots Transparency: The Tree of Sports Mascots
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Transparency: The Tree of Sports Mascots

by Always With Honor

June 24, 2009
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Basketball and hockey have just wrapped up exciting playoffs, baseball is in full bloom, and football training camps are starting soon. It's a great time for sports, and a great time for sports mascots, those oversized toys that help get us excited at games by dunking off trampolines or riding around in little cars. Check out our latest original Transparency on all the mascots of the four major sports and how they are divided among the animal kingdom.

A collaboration between GOOD and Always With Honor.

CORRECTION: We've made a slightly new file that corrects some errors in the original (for the Florida Marlins Tampa Bay Rays and the Chicago Cubs, specifically). You can see the uncorrected version here. We regret the errors.

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Transparency: The Tree of Sports Mascots