Five Steps to Terminating Apathy (Inspired by The Women's Conference)

Posted by Rebecca McQuigg Rigal and Liz Dwyer

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Last week we joined the throngs of fourteen-thousand females (and a sprinkling of men folk) at The Women’s Conference in Long Beach. Established as a forum for female small business owners by former Governor George Deukmejian in 1985, the conference has grown substantially  under the leadership of California Governor Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver; attracting world-renowned speakers and luminaries, and addressing global female issues to sold out crowds.

Tickets this year sold like hot cakes, as it was to be the last conference organized and hosted by Shriver. But the point of the conference was not to ogle well-heeled celebrity attendees, dish about the First Lady’s outfit, or score bag-loads of branded swag—the purpose, as it's always been, was to be inspired, get empowered, and take action.

So here's a selection of simple ways in which women (and men) can do just that.