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Hang out in a sick park (while at your desk)
August 21, 2014
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The GOOD Cities Project

We create the cities we love, and the cities we love create us.

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Whether it is a sweet little patch of weeds and wildflowers on the sidewalk or a vast urban park, we all have a special green place for which we hold a deep affection. Public green spaces are now—as much as they've ever been—the play stuff of some of our greatest thinkers, designers, and place-makers. And we're all so much better for it. We asked photographers from around the world to share photos of the parks which they have major crushes on and discovered these gems from Germany to British Columbia to the United Arab Emirates and more.

Tweet and instagram us #goodcitiesproject to share which park you're crushing on or tell us in the comments. 

For a take on urban green spaces by the numbers, check out our latest infographic, "City Park Showdown".



The GOOD Cities Project is a five-month collaboration with Ford, exploring how we make our cities and how our cities make us. We'll be inviting our favorite thought leaders and writers to pen love letters to their city and working with renowned and emerging artists to express their love for their city on billboards across the country. Each week, we will be exploring the attributes we believe fundamental to living meaningful and successful urban lives.

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