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Mini-Project: Your Adorable Office Pets Mini-Project: Your Adorable Office Pets
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Mini-Project: Your Adorable Office Pets

October 3, 2010
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For this week's mini-Project, we asked for pictures of office pets, and holy smokes, you all delivered. We got pictures from a host of freelancers, our local NPR station, and friends at Etsy, RentJuice, and Big Spaceship.

Included in this slideshow are roughly 20 office pet photos. We couldn't include them all (fingers about to fall off—we got lots of submissions), so we tried to choose images that were clearly from an office. We also privileged pictures of dogs (and other animals, but they're mostly dogs) that were especially cute, or amusing, or, in the case of Phyllis, just perfectly ridiculous. But they're all very good dogs. Yes they are!

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